It’s about time….

As a family tradition, DB Stockholm’s founder was gifted his first luxury wristwatch by his father at the age of 21. A lifelong passion for watches was seeded, together with the idea that watches can grow as a collection and offer a way of securing heirlooms for future generations.

Having moved to Stockholm 6 years ago and falling in love with the city, he has combined his passion for watches and innovative technology with a desire to champion Swedish design – famous for its ergonomic practicality and clean lines. This innovative fusion has resulted in a collection of versatile and adaptable timepieces that will work and grow with your ever-evolving lifestyle. 

Offering a fresh approach and accessible choices to the modern collector, DB Stockholm’s limited edition watches and accessories are an affordable investment made to stand the test of time.

With a pledge to all clients that once they have invested into the DB Stockholm “club” they are rewarded with lifetime benefits, such as pre-selecting their preferred serial number and being afforded a try before you buy option, or “Time Trial”, available on further acquisitions. Obtaining a DB Stockholm timepiece is buying into a family run, family orientated company with a powerful feeling of trust, belonging and loyalty.

  • It’s about time – you are able to make an affordable investment without compromising on quality and luxury.
  • It’s about time – you can be confident that the artistry and attention to detail in manufacturing is of the highest calibre.
  • It’s about time – you started your own family tradition that will truly stand the test of time.