To properly maintain and care for your new DB watch, there are 8 simple precautions to consider;

  1. Do not use watches in hot water bath, sauna, or an environment with large temperature changes.
  2. Do not operate the buttons of the watch and adjust the crown in the water.
  3. Clean the watchband/case regularly; The leather watchband should avoid any contact with moisture or cosmetics, and it is best to avoid exposure to the sun.
  4. Pay attention to the antimagnetic protection of your watch. Keep it away from electrical appliances, mobile phones and magnets.
  5. Do not disassemble the watch under any circumstances.
  6. Avoid sudden shock from hitting your watch, dropping or allowing it to fall.
  7. Do not adjust the watch date between the hours of 10: 00 and 2: 00 to avoid damage or an inaccurate calendar jump
  8. When adjusting the time of your watch, please dial the hands clockwise. Do not dial the hands counterclockwise.


Your watch uses the “compressive value” to test its waterproof performance and indicate its waterproof depth. This is a reference to theoretical pressure and is expressed in ATM ”atmospheric pressure” (3ATM = 30m deep pressure). This is not really the diving depth used but can be used as a guide.
    Many water based activities can cause additional reactions and environmental changes within the watch case. These factorsare not considered in the waterproof depth calibration of your watch and may cause its waterproof performance to be greatly reduced or even ineffective.
      The waterproof performance of your watch is not permanent, and may be affected by the aging of the waterproof ring or accidental impact on the crown. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check  and service your watch with a reputable agent.
        Waterproof watches should not be used in hot water bath, sauna baths or an environment with great temperature change. This temperature change can cause the waterproof rubber ring to expand and then cool,  shrinking the gap and accelerating aging, thus affecting the waterproof function.
          Waterproof watches should not have buttons operated or the Crown adjusted while in water. With a non-spiral Crown, it should be pressed in to the normal operating position. With a threaded Crown, it should be screwed in fully to prevent water from seeping into the watch.


            The watch case, watch glass and watch band are all important parts of your watches appearance. Any damage directly affects the beauty of the watch and can also affect its normal operation. 

            DB Stockholm use the highest grade and toughest materials available to ensure the longevity of your timepiece. The glass material is sapphire glass. The material of the watchcase is stainless steel, and the material of the watch straps include stainless steel, rubber and leather.

            However, remember that although these materials are not easily damaged, they are not unbreakable, and your watch must not be seriously hit or fall to the ground. Some materials with the same or higher hardness, such as diamond, corundum, oxidized metal and Shi Ying Crystal, may damage these watch materials. Millstone, sandpaper, nails, granite and concrete surfaces and ground surfaces all contain the above substances. You should not allow your watch to touch such objects or surfaces.

            For the leather strap with relatively soft material, you need to take even greater care. In order to keep the watch band durable, we suggest you:

            • Avoid contact with moisture to prevent discoloration or deformation.
            • Avoid long-term exposure to the sun to prevent fading.
            • Avoid contact with oily substances or cosmetics. 

            (4) Watches should be cleaned regularly. As the materials of watchbands and watchcases are different, so too are the cleaning methods that should be applied.

            Generally,  stainless steel straps and waterproof cases can be washed with clear water and then dried with soft cloth. If exposed to sea salt water, they need to be thoroughly cleaned. However, special attention should be paid to the fact that even if your watch is waterproof, you should not soak it in water for long periods.

            Additional cleaning advice.

            (5) In addition, sweat, dirt and oxidation from the air can corrode the appearance of the watch, and can cause individual skin allergies also.

            (6) The protective film on the back cover should be torn off from your new watch, otherwise sweat will remain in the middle and corrode the back cover.

            (7) Avoid direct watch contact with all kinds of chemicals as, once in contact,