DB Stockholm

Couples Set Upgrade
(Watches Not Included)

500 kr

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NB: This set does not include watches and it is only available to be bought in conjunction with two of your chosen timepieces.

What better way to show your romantic side than to present your most cherished person this beautifully designed gift set with your personalised locking combination already programmed. The attention to detail on design and quality is what will become synonymous with the DB Stockholm brand, together with value for money and reliability.

This watch and pen combination is designed with romance and consideration in mind.  With the ability not only to choose the numbers on your timepieces, you are also awarded the opportunity to choose the locking combination on the case that it comes with so that you can personalise the whole experience making it further directly connected to a special date that you both share.  This personal touch is exactly what makes this a unique wedding, engagement or anniversary present. In fact, for any occasion at all, for anyone that is special to you, a couple you know, son or daughter, or indeed that special partner in your life.

Presented in a lightweight aluminum metal case with the “cut out” foam pieces provided for you to replace them and potentially up-cycle your case to rehouse any precious items such as camera lenses, drones and the like.  But bear in mind that the true purpose of this free case is to protect your precious cargo, and should it get damaged in transit while doing so, it has achieved its intended goal. 

This couples watch and pen set comprises of your selected individually numbered watches within their own hand crafted wooden boxes and two Swedish designed and perfectly balanced ball point pens.  With their wide bodies and understated branding, they exude excellence and refinement including a replacement cartridge.